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Boho Phrase Stickers

Boho Phrase Stickers
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One of my favorite things to design is cute phrases! I love adding them to my planners and journal because they add such a cute touch to my planner. Because of this, I decided to create these boho phrase stickers to add to my fall planner! 

Well look no further because we’ve got you covered with our boho-inspired phrase stickers. They’re the perfect way to add a colorful touch to your planner, laptop or anything that could use a little extra flair. The quotes and phrases are hand selected by us, so they’re sure to inspire you at any time of day.

Express your inner boho flower child with some of these beautiful stickers. These beautiful quotes and phrases are perfect for decorating your planner, laptop, phone or anything else you want to get creative with. They feature a moody color palette, stylish fonts, and uplifting phrases. A sheet of 24 stickers is just right for adding a pop of inspiration to anything from small journals to planners.

These stickers come in a matte  version – and hopefully soon they will come in a holo graphic version and different colors as well! What are some of your favorite quotoes or phrases?! Let us know and maybe we can add them to our next designed sheet!

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